Landlord Tip of the Month: The Easiest Way to Show Your Property



Whether you own one property or several properties, you’re probably tired of showing it day-in and day-out. This month’s tip will help you do two things:

  1.  Avoid making countless trips back and forth to the property.
  2. Convince someone that your property is where they should call home without you actually being there.

Here’s what you do…If you own a quad or duplex, this becomes even easier, but isn’t much more difficult with a detached home. Offer your neighbor $5 to show the property for you. It may sound strikingly obvious, and you may be insulted that we actually wrote this down but consider this. When you, the owner, show the property you give off “tells” to your potential tenant whether you’re aware or not. Like a seasoned poker player, they can sense the desperation, pain, and anxiety this vacant unit has caused you. Now, consider your neighbor (pick someone you’d consider introducing your parents to), this person lives in the neighborhood or directly next door, they can give unbiased answers to this person’s questions, they will say positive things (because they themselves live there), and they are indifferent as to whether this person moves in or not. Your future tenant gets a tour from an unbiased 3rd party, the 3rd party gets $5, and you get someone that is going to write you a check every month. Any questions?